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INDIA AYURVEDA TOUR is an Indian Tour Operator, based in Udaipur, in the State of Rajasthan, which organizes tours throughout the Indian territory.
THE COMPANY is made up of three highly motivated and prepared partners (all with a tourist driving license), who have worked with decades of experience at major Italian Tour Operators.
THE AGENCY'S services are aimed at an international clientele but are mainly addressed to the Italian tourist of which they have a profound knowledge and, in fact, they make use of operators, guides and tour leaders of great professionalism and experience who are fluent in Italian.
THE TRIPS are mainly cultural in nature but in some of them there is also the possibility of being able to live an emotional physical, psychic and spiritual experience such as that of an Ayurvedic treatment.

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✓ Significant economic savings as both the commissions of the Italian Tour Operator and the     Indian correspondent are avoided as well as the costs requested by each Tour Operator for     the management of the file.
✓ Possibility to choose the air carrier and the flights with the most appreciated times; India     Ayurveda Tour, in fact, does not require the purchase of a plane ticket.
✓ Cancellation of the strict time constraints imposed by group travel.
✓ Freedom to organize a tailor-made trip because the programs on the site are only proposals     that can be customized in relation to:
•  at the time;
•  to the variation of the itinerary;
•  accommodation in hotels of different categories and/or styles (vintage or modern);
•  to any other request.
•  Presence of an Italian and English speaking Guide/Guide for the duration of the trip to assist     the Customer at all times, satisfy additional requests and solve any problem that may arise.
•  Maximum professionalism and competence of the chaperones.


Start Of Our Jouney

India Ayurveda Tour Founded in 2016 as an Indian Travel Agency.

Our achievements in 2016

Our professionalism has rewarded us and in 2016 we had 41 customers.

Our achievements in 2017

We increse our client's number to 70 and still going...

Our Goal

Whichever region you decide to visit in this vast country India, We will help you with a detailed itinerary and helpful suggestions for an unforgettable trip to Incredible India.

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