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The saying in India goes: “Guest is god”.
Be our guest and we’ll make good on that.

India – an ancient land once inhabited by the Mughals for centuries. Now transformed into a bustling and vibrant country, we await your visit. Enter a world of majestic monuments and ethereal landscapes ranging from the Himalayas in the north to the lush tropical areas of the west and south. Allow India Ayurveda Tour to organise and take you away on a journey of wonder through the subcontinent. Visit the jewels of Rajasthan – Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur – where you cannot fail to be impressed by the marvellous forts and stunning vistas of the Aravali Mountains. Head south to Tamil Nadu where you can see an array of exotic temples in beautiful locations. Relax and do something different – stay on a houseboat and watch the local fishermen make their living. Whichever region you decide to visit in this vast country, let us help you with a detailed itinerary and helpful suggestions for an unforgettable trip to Incredible India. Our experienced travel planners have been in this business since 2005 and will be pleased to suggest and put together a programme that fits your budget and expectations.


Browse our Tours menu; you’ll see that we cover a vast area of India from the north all the way to Tamil Nadu on the southern tip. If you are not sure what you want, get in touch with us click here and we can help you put together a custom package. We can provide suggestions to ensure your trip is extraordinary.

First Time In India

Chaotic, loud, polluted, exasperating, friendly, exotic – there aren’t enough words in any language to describe the experience when you arrive in the country But you’ve decided to come, so here are a few pointers to help ease your arrival and ensure you have a memorable stay.

Legal Formalities

1. The first thing you’ll need is a valid visa. Holders of non-Indian passports visiting India as tourists must apply for a Tourist visa. There are several ways of obtaining the visa, one of which involves paying a third party an administration fee or alternatively, going directly to the e-visa website. Here are the websites: and **
2. Please ensure you read the instructions carefully when completing the online forms. India Ayurveda Tour is not responsible for any mistakes made during the visa application process.
3. Check your government’s travel advisory service website – this is a useful source of information for most foreign destinations.
** Please Note:
The web links provided are for general information purposes only. India Ayurveda Tour does its best to keep the information up-to-date and correct, but we have no control over the content or the accuracy of these websites. We therefore will not take any responsibility for incorrect or out of date information published on these websites.

Health Care

1. Make sure you are up to date with all your vaccinations. Check with your medical professional who can advise you on what immunizations are needed. Some vaccinations require two doses over a specific period of time so be sure to plan appropriately.
2. Buy comprehensive travel insurance before you fly.
3. DO NOT drink tap water and avoid eating at roadside food stalls, no matter how appetizing the food looks. Only drink bottled water and never have ice in your drinks. Most hotels you stay in will have complimentary bottled water in the rooms. Avoid salads and fruit that you haven’t peeled yourself.
4. Always have hand sanitizer and tissues with you. Toilet paper is not the norm in some places so carry your tissues.

Plan Your Trip

1. India is a massive country. Decide what is on your ‘Must see’ list and then plan with India Ayurveda Tour how you can maximize your time in the country.
2. When would you like to visit India? There is a vast range of temperatures. If it’s your first time, we highly recommend that you do not come in the spring/summer season (from April – September). Temperatures can reach 45C (113F) and the scorching sun only adds to the discomfort.
3. Don’t try to cover too much territory on your 1st trip – that way, you know you’ll have to come back and visit us!
4. India is loud – as you travel from the airport to your hotel, you cannot fail to be struck by the sheer cacophony of noise – the engines of the tuk-tuks, the endless horning as the cars, buses and trucks jostle for position and come perilously close to one another.
5. For your 1st trip, we would recommend a visit to the major tourist draws – Rajasthan and Agra. Between these two areas, you will see well-preserved architectural marvels, Mughal palaces and forts, and of course, one of the seven wonders of the world, the incomparable Taj Mahal.

Safety and Security

1. Put aside any preconceived ideas on pedestrian safety. You will marvel at how Indians cross huge roads between the choking, chaotic traffic. Don’t attempt to do this yourself.
2. While India has made great strides in technology, poverty is still prevalent. Begging is widespread and you will come across it, particularly in the tourist hubs. As harsh as it sounds, our advice is not to give anything to beggars. They may be part of an elaborate scam and you would only be contributing to prolonging that. If you decide to give a small sum to the beggar, do so when you leave the location so that you do not attract even more beggars.
3. As you travel through this vast land, make sure you are security aware. Do not wear your best jewellery or your heirloom watch. Keep your passport, cash and credit cards close to you and in an organizer or wrist wallet. If you are a photography buff and use a camera, make sure the strap is around your neck.

Just One More Thing

1. India is a conservative country. While some of its big cities are home to major technological hubs, tradition rules and we ask our visitors to kindly respect certain norms. Public displays of affection are not encouraged. Tight, revealing clothes will not only make for an uncomfortable day due to the heat but will probably attract the wrong kind of attention.
2. India is a land of temples and mosques. Your itinerary will include visits to these places of worship so we ask that you dress appropriately for the occasion. Our travel specialists will gladly provide you with guidelines of what you should wear. Why not buy something local like a saree or shalwar kameez? These garments are not just fashionable but practical, and can keep you cool in the heat.
3. One of the things you will notice during your trip is everyone’s willingness to help you, whether it’s carrying a bag, holding open a door or handing you paper towels in a public bathroom. These actions are done for tips. The travel specialists at India Ayurveda Tour can give you guidelines of what suitable tips to give during your tour.
4. Indians tend to stare, not out of rudeness but fascination. As you make your way round the places of interest, don’t be surprised or annoyed if you are surrounded by a group of locals who are interested in hearing their compatriot – your guide – speaking a different language. They’ll also want to see what you’re doing, be it taking a photograph or admiring the landscape. You’ll get used to being the centre of attention after a few days.
5. Be prepared to forgo your personal space during your time in India. Its current population is approximately 1.3 billion. Most of the cities you visit during your stay will be crowded but most Indians are friendly and outgoing.
6. Enjoy your time in Incredible India. It’s a land full of history, ethereal landscapes, magnificent architecture and culinary delights. Take time to enjoy yourself in a completely different environment and adopt the Indian attitude to time – a very relaxed and carefree pace.

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